What are your opening hours?

We are open every day from 10am to 7pm (end of March to end of September). These hours may vary depending on weather and river conditions.

Do I need to make a reservation before coming?

Reservations are strongly recommended for canoe/kayak trips. However, we do not take reservations for activities on the water in front of the base (electric boat, pedal boat, stand up paddle).

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

You can call us at or send us an email at contact@beau-rivage-clecy.fr. For same day cancellations, please call us.

Do you have canoes for 3 people?

Yes, we have canoes for 3 people, only for families: indeed, the third seat can only accommodate a child between 8 and 12 years old, and whose stature allows safe navigation.

How many people can ride on an electric boat or pedal boat?
Nos bateaux électriques et pédalos peuvent accueillir jusqu’à 5 personnes.
Is there a minimum age requirement?

For canoeing and stand up paddling, the minimum age is 8 years old, and regardless of age, it is mandatory to be able to swim. There is no minimum age requirement or any other particular condition to embark on pedal boats or electric boats. However, whatever the activity, any minor or group of minors must be accompanied by at least one adult on the river, even if it is in a different boat.

Are dogs allowed on canoe / kayak trips?

Of course! However, we ask that everyone respect the environment, nature, and other river users. Dogs must not be left free either on the premises of the nautical base, or at the embarkation or disembarkation points, or during possible stops on the banks (because of the livestock housed in the pastures). However, for safety reasons, dogs must not be tied to the boat in case it capsizes.

Is the river dangerous? Are the canoe/kayak trips accessible to everyone?

La rivière n’est pas dangereuse à partir du moment où la location de canoë/kayak est ouverte et que les consignes de sécurité données sont respectées. Vous allez devoir franchir quelques petits rapides et quelques barrages qui ne présentent aucune difficulté. Les descentes en canoë/kayak sont accessibles à tous à partir du moment où vous avez plus de 8 ans, savez nager, et n’êtes pas une femme enceinte.

Are life jackets provided?

Yes, life jackets are included in the rental. They are mandatory for the entire river trip, even for those who can swim. Life jackets are also available for rental on site (electric boats, pedal boats and stand up paddles).

Will we have a guide?

No, we do not provide a guide. You are free to enjoy the river at your own pace.

This is the day! Where should I go?

First of all, you must come to us 10 minutes before the time of your reservation:

Beau Rivage
9, la Cambronnerie
14570 Clécy

Quelque soit le parcours que vous ayez réservé, vous devez vous présenter à notre accueil pour vous enregistrer et signer une décharge. Nos navettes vous transporterons ensuite jusqu’au point de départ pour commencer votre aventure en canoë/kayak.

Can I bring a picnic lunch on my canoe/kayak trip?

Of course! You can order a sandwich at our Snack Bar avant le départ de votre activité ou n’hésitez pas à apporter le vôtre. Nous vous demandons simplement d’emporter toutes vos ordures avec vous et de laisser la nature telle que vous l’avez trouvée.

What should I wear for my canoe/kayak activity?

Des chaussures qui tiennent aux pieds et des vêtements qui ne craignent pas l’eau. Nous vous recommandons de laisser une serviette et des vêtements de rechange dans votre voiture pour profiter de la douche chaude à votre arrivée.

What should I bring on the river with me?

We recommend that you do not take anything of value with you and that you bring only the essentials: water, food, sunscreen and a hat (during the warmer months).

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! Do not hesitate to contact us by email to specify your request at contact@beau-rivage-clecy.fr

Do you ever sell used canoes / kayaks?

Yes, we occasionally sell our boats at the end of the season. Please contact us in September if you are interested.

Can I rent a kayak to go down the river by myself?

No, we do not accept single person reservations for river runs. We require a minimum of 2 participants to book a river trip for safety reasons. No matter how busy the river is, it is necessary that a second person accompany you in order to help you or call for help in case of a problem.

What else to do nearby?

Les activités ne manquent pas à Clécy. Consultez notre page What to do in Clécy ? for some ideas!

Si vous ne trouvez pas la réponse à votre question ici, n’hésitez pas à contact us.